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Letters From a Few of Our Patients

In July of 2009 you did a full face/neck/brow/eye lift on my face. I was married to a wonderful man on Dec. 24, 2010, that the result of your work made possible. Although I had to fess up and tell my true age before we married, he didn't care because I looked great. Thank you very much for all of your skill and dedicated hard work. I am attaching a wedding photo.

I have at long last taken my "after" photographs. I have been comparing them with the very first photos that I emailed to you back in January of this year. I looked like a really old lady in those photos, the difference is unbelievable! I will always be in your debt. All my friends think I look wonderful especially my eyes and jaw line. I do miss LA and you and your team, it was a truly wonderful experience for both myself and —--. M.T.

I was a patient back in July 2005. I've been wanting to write to you to thank you again and tell you how much you've changed my life. I don't mind looking in the mirror now and I feel so good inside...I can't thank you and your wonderful staff enough for all the care and excellent work. O.D.

Just thought you'd like to see how my facelift is holding up after ten years! That surgery was my fiftieth birthday present to myself, and I've recently celebrated my sixtieth. Best birthday present EVER.

Thanks again. Couldn't have done it without you...*Grin* I still feel fresh and sassy...at SIXTY!!

Do you remember when I first came into your office? I had already gone to see a few surgeons before you and bombarded you with qualifying questions. You were, of course, very cool under my pressuring inquisitiveness. Your expertise became as clearly evident as your kindness, patience, and sensitivity. You and your staff were all so gracious and professional with me it was never difficult to decide on entrusting you with my breast augmentation. Sure I went to a few other surgeons after visiting you, but they never came close to your standards both professionally and personally.

You and your staff were so supportive throughout the surgery. The phone calls from you and Elsie that night after my surgery made such a warm impact on me. All the visits after my surgery were equally as supportive.
It's been two weeks since my surgery and I can't believe how great I look and how quickly I have recuperated. I am so pleased that I trusted you and your staff. Thank you again.
Sincerely, L. J.

Your excellence can only be eclipsed by your kindness. Where on earth did someone that gifted and that nice come from? Thank you for a gift that has done more for me than what anyone will see....You have my gratitude and respect in ways I cannot possibly put words to. So, I say humbly "thank you." R.J.

Thank you for the most amazing tummy job. ..... You're a miracle worker! I can now wear a bikini again!
S.O. Vancouver, Canada

Hi Dr. Perlman, you did my breast augmentation surgery in 1996, and everything has been wonderful with them. They survived pregnancy and a 50 lb weight gain and still look so amazing that no one ever thinks I've had them done. R.A. (2010)

I wanted to show you how I looked after the wonderful facelift. —-and I were married in June 2008. Thank you again Dr Perlman for making me a beautiful bride on my wedding day!