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liposuction and liposculpting

Liposuction and liposculpting

Body Sculpting with Fat Removal

Beverly Hills liposuction specialist and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jon Perlman prefers small hidden incisions and the use of fine cannulas to remove as much excess fat as possible. Our patients see improvement in the contour and size of their stomach, hips, calves, arms and thighs after liposuction surgery. The quality of your  skin elasticity will affect the degree of skin tightening that can be obtained from your liposuction procedure.



Each liposuction patient's needs and potential is individual and depends upon the amount of fat that is present beneath the skin as well as the skin's elasticity.  At your complimentary liposuction consultation, liposuction specialist Dr. Perlman will review with you the potential improvement that you can expect to obtain. Your liposuction surgery will be performed in our accredited and licensed outpatient surgery facility located in our beautiful Beverly Hills plastic surgery center. All of our liposuction and liposculpting patients leave the facility after a brief stay in our recovery room. Your follow up visits will be scheduled at our Beverly Hills office.

Is liposuction
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Dr. Perlman was selected by the 5W Report as the Best Cosmetic Surgeon for Liposuction in Southern California for 2010. See what he has to say in this video.