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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction and Body Sculpting

The iLipoXcell device initiates the body’s natural process of fat breakdown by using low powered diode laser light to stimulate the release of fat from the fat cell to be metabolized for energy. This process empties the storage cell within six minutes of treatment allowing for loss of inches over the course of a series of painless treatments.

The ILipoXCell fat reduction treatment is
painless and requires no recovery!

The third generation of Chromogenex’s iLipo technology, iLipoXcell has recently been brought to America from Europe. It combines four technologies including a dual wavelength low level laser, red and infrared lasers combined with vacuum assisted lymphatic stimulation and drainage, vacuum massage and multipolar radiofrequency stimulation to reduce fat and improve and tighten skin. These technologies work together reducing fat volume, tightening your skin, enhancing circulation and improving lymphatic drainage to not only sculpt your body but reducing cellulite and excess fat.

iLipoXcell simulates the body’s natural mechanism for emptying fat cells during periods of hunger or exercise. This provides a natural method of losing fat and sculpting your body that enhances the results from diet and exercise alone. FDA approved studies have documented the loss of five times as many inches in the areas where iLipo was applied when compared to patients who were on a diet and exercise regimen alone.

Is the ILipoxcell
right for you?

This video shows the application of the ILipoXCell laser by Dr. Perlman on a patient in his Beverly Hills Los Angeles office as shown on KCBS LA 2 News.



iLipoXcell provides a painless relaxing experience that can help you lose inches in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.