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Face lift and neck lift

Face lift and neck lift

Internal Tightening Combined with Volume Restoration

Los Angeles & Beverly Hills Facelift Surgeon and winner of the Best of Los Angeles Award for Facelift Surgery, Dr. Jon Perlman's Beverly Hills Facelift and neck lift surgery techniques combine internal tightening and lifting of the cheek pad, the SMAS and tightening of the neck muscles with restoration of volume using fat grafts harvested from the patient's stomach. In the jowl and neck areas, fat is often sculpted during the neck lift and face lift surgery procedures to restore a more youthful and elegant appearance to the face and neck.

your appearance on the outside will once
again reflect how you feel on the inside

Please notice in the pictures of Dr. Perlman's Beverly Hills Face Lift patients shown in our gallery, how much more rested, alert and energized these patients appear after their Facelift and Neck lift surgery procedures have been performed. Often our Los Angeles & Beverly Hills patients who have undergone our Beverly Hills Facelift surgery procedures state that they see their new appearance as better reflecting the way that they feel about themselves inside!

Is a face or neck lift
right for you?

In this video Dr. Perlman talks about important considerations to make when contemplating face lift or necklift surgery.