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Breast uplift

Breast uplift

Limited Uplift Combined with Breast Implants

For patients who are mostly empty and are only mildly "droopy" I prefer to combine placement of  breast implants with a smaller  uplift of the nipple to optimize the aesthetic result without the need for more extensive incisions on the breast.   This only requires that an incision be made around the areolar and avoids creating incision lines beneath the breast and vertically from the areolar downward.


Full uplift / mastopexy surgery is for patients who are more severely droopy and in need of a more dramatic breast uplift.


Limited uplift / mastopexy elevation of the nipples is combined with placement of breast implants to enhance fullness and reverse mild droopiness or sag.

Which uplift is
right for you?

Watch Dr. Perlman describe the differences between a full and limited uplift / mastopexy surgery to find out which is right for you!