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Breast reduction

Breast reduction

For Excessively Sized & Pendulous Breasts

Breast reduction surgery is offered to women who are unhappy with the excessive size and pendulousness of their breasts. These women often suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as embarrassment over the size of their breasts since adolescence. This procedure permits removal of both excessive breast tissue and skin, while accomplishing both a reduction in the weight and size of your breasts.

alleviate pain & embarassment

Since the goal is to make your breasts smaller, implants are unnecessary. Many women undergoing breast reduction go on to lose significant weight by increasing their exercise and activity levels after the surgery.  Most tell us that they wish that they had undergone the procedure years earlier, thanks to the alleviation of pain that they achieve!

A question that is frequently asked is whether the nipple must be "lifted" off of the breast during surgery, and this is almost never the case (with rare exception).  Breast reduction surgery does require more extensive incisions than other more limited procedures, but does permit breast reshaping, and removal of excess skin.

Is a breast reduction
right for you?

Watch the video below to learn about the differences between breast lift and breast reduction surgery.